AWS to Cloud

Premium Services to Manage, Secure, and Optimize Your Investment in the AWS Cloud

BiC-1 is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner, AWS Commercial Reseller, and AWS Authorized Government Reseller. The BiC-1 Cloud Assured Team provides industry-leading support and guidance to manage, secure, and optimize your investment in the AWS Cloud. BiC-1 has the foundation, knowledge, and expertise to maximize the benefits of your AWS Cloud.



You receive support and guidance from a trusted partner with AWS Certified Cloud Architects, Developers, and Solution Experts. No more struggling through first-level support – BiC-1 will help solve your issue or use our extensive experience and long-standing relationship with AWS to help navigate the support process. And, our Cloud Experts are available 24x7x365.



You own the AWS account. You control the AWS resources. Aside from read-only access to billing and utilization data, BiC-1 requires no access into your AWS environment. Onboarding is as easy as accepting our invitation and running an AWS CloudFormation template to generate a read-only role. Once onboarded, BiC-1 will immediately assess your security and governance posture.



Reducing cost is a key benefit of moving to the Cloud. BiC-1 has invested in industry-leading tools to help you maximize return on your AWS investment. Customers have saved more than 50% on their AWS costs by leveraging the BiC-1 Cloud Assured cost optimization service. This robust suite of tools helps you identify opportunities to leverage reserved and spot instances, eliminate unused infrastructure, resize underutilized resources, set budget alerts, and perform trend analysis.



Get off the credit card. All AWS services are provided at the current AWS list rate or better. By partnering with BiC-1, you receive the benefits of our AWS volume tier pricing and discounts. BiC-1 also extends Net 30 payment terms and provides flexible contracting options to meet the unique needs of each customer.



Managing Cloud resources can be challenging. BiC-1 provides resources to help enhance user visibility and control of AWS costs, usage, security, utilization, and performance through advanced reporting. This improved transparency helps customers reduce risk, forecast cost and usage, and improve overall decision-making across your portfolio of AWS accounts. Our tools enable support of complex charge-back bills for different business units or departments as well as enterprise-wide roll-ups for a global view.



Security and compliance are always concerns for any organization. BiC-1 helps you stay ahead of potential risks by comparing your AWS deployment against hundreds of industry-best practices. Examples include running CIS benchmark checks, identification of open ports, proper root account vaulting, excessive permissions, improper password policies, lack of security logging, and use of multi-factor authentication.

Getting Started is Easy


BiC-1's AWS Cloud Assured Team will walk you through a few simple steps, starting with a review of your current AWS accounts and organization structure. After the prerequisites have been validated, our automated process will generate the required read-only credentials and click-through email approvals needed. Within 24 hours, you will start to receive improved visibility, concrete and actionable recommendations, pro-active security checks, and simplified billing – all the benefits BiC-1 offers to assure your AWS account is optimized. Purchasing your AWS services through BiC-1 provides additional value that will maximize your Cloud investment and provide an improved and more secure AWS experience.