Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS)

BiC-1 frees IT operators from the daily "run it" activities that do not add business value and allows them to focus on their mission and customers. BiC-1 Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMS) are audited, certified, and here to assure your operations stay available 24x7x365.

FedRAMP Authorized BiC-1 CAMS deliver the flexibility customers need and demand from today's cloud managed service providers. We offer the ability to select services across our Core, Premium, and Security Services, which enables and assures a Managed Services solution that meets unique customer needs.​

         Core Services​


Best 'one-size-fits-all' solution. With consistently architected environments that comply with industry best practices, organizational governance, and security plans, we can deliver consistent, responsive, cost-effective solutions for routine activities (e.g., handling alerts, responding to incidents with cloud environments and operating systems, and managing anti-virus and operating systems patches and updates). We even help lower costs through basic efficiency adjustments to the environment.

         Premium Services


Some environments cannot be consistent with the Core Services baseline alone. Some customers want OS-level support from their managed service provider and support for key line-of-business workloads and custom applications. BiC-1 can provide advanced architectural recommendations, database management, Web application, CDN management, and much more. We specialize in custom support tailored to your organization, extending the 'best-in-class' Core Services and expertise to help you build, manage, and monitor every layer of your IT stack.

         Security Services​


Sensitive data and detailed compliance requirements can be overwhelming and complicated to an organization, however BiC-1 routinely handles these challenges. Our Team has the tools and experience to perform root cause, forensics, and broad-spectrum analytics, even with (especially with) cloud as the infrastructure. The cloud provider's capabilities and expertise in addition to our capabilities and expertise, along with customizations to accommodate your needs and regulations means you can have top-to-bottom, end-to-end security services.

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