Cloud-Enabled Data Architectures And Analytics For Critical Tasks

BiC-1 is an award-winning cloud solutions provider with Premier Partner status in all three hyperscaler cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud). Our ability to be a solution-agnostic provider of advanced data analytics solutions is unique in DoD and commercial environments, and allows us to size our solutions and data networks to fit specific and unique customer needs and missions.


Cloud hosting of data streams and advanced Edge computing environments has transformed data movement from a model of collection, storage, and retrieval to one of instantaneous decision analytics reinforced by accessible models and tools and AI/ML algorithms. Cloud hosting enables speed and off-loading of critical infrastructure and also provides access to world-class data models and analytics tools. Rather than having to license and provide platforms for specific seats, cloud environments support more subscription-style services that enable nodal access to hundreds of applications and models appropriate to the mission at hand, relieving the burden of self-management, configuration controls, and security challenges. For Edge assets, the cloud can enable localized computing and processing resources to provide time-sensitive tailored solutions to warfighters unable to retain continuous connectivity to centralized repositories.