Cloud Services for DoD

Secure and Compliant Cloud Solutions for Government

The BiC-1 Cloud Assured Team has proven expertise in delivering successful cloud solutions to the Federal Government. As a trusted advisor for delivering secure and agile technology solutions, we specialize in working with customers to transform and modernize their IT operations through innovative, cost-effective solutions.

BiC-1 is at the forefront of delivering landmark cloud-enabled solutions. BiC-1 is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner and a Google Cloud Premier Partner.


Our Cloud Assured solutions help organizations plan, assess, migrate, and implement technologies based on their unique needs, often accelerating their move to a cloud environment. From initial cloud strategy to a complete enterprise solution design or datacenter migration, BiC-1 enables customers to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

DoD Cloud Assessment Initiatives


BiC-1 has expertise with DoD and DISA policy and compliance regarding rules for.military and commercial cloud solutions and the compliance and security standards, acquisition, and technical architectures that must be met to implement a cloud solution.

Our Cloud Assured Team provides cloud assessment and engineering services for existing, on-premise DoD systems to determine how to migrate that system to the cloud in compliance with complex DoD security policies and standards, which includes supporting the mission owner in conducting the required DoD CIO Business Case Analysis (BCA) using the DoD CIO IT BCA template. Once this is done we build the solution, migrate the system(s) to the cloud, and provide Impact Levels 2, 4, and 5 (IL2/IL4/IL5) managed services and security services to support the new cloud-based environment.

BiC-1's' expertise extends beyond just the cloud components of a solution. Our team is well-versed at delivering the entire IT enterprise architecture required to support most DoD systems (e.g. use of a Cloud Access Point (CAP) to protect the DODIN when using cloud services in IL4/IL5 systems). We also have expertise integrating cloud-based solutions or components with on-premises capabilities in hybrid architectures.