BiC-1's Strength As A Lead Industry Integrator (LII)

​​The BiC-1's approach to system integration is to combine the need for robust solutions with the responsiveness governments and global enterprises need to thrive in this new age of disruption. As an LII, we bring the best-of-breed platforms, technologies, and companies to provide rapid solutions.


BiC-1 offers rapid alternative solutions to ensure coupling and decoupling of technology to assure modularity and avoid monolithic approaches. We maintain an extensive network of partners across the digital and manufacturing landscape for rapid integration of innovative solutions to meet urgent needs. Our overall approach is aimed at customer outcomes to provide cost-effective, turn-key solutions. BiC-1 consistently has demonstrated the ability to integrate the capabilities of a wide array of teammates to simultaneously accomplish unique tasking from multiple Government customers. We have the large business controls, small business agility, and rapid responsiveness required to produce the best solution industry has to offer and deliver mission success.