NRC HACK Virtual Cyber Event
November 26, 2021

BiC-1, LLC (JV), made up of STAHL Channel Members, has performed Cyber Security Program Support Services for the Federal Government, specifically in support of the U.S. Federal Government and Intelligence Community. We have Unique expertise in  building and certifying high performance Computer Network Defense (CND) / Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) and Cyber Red Team capabilities, covering Project Management, Special Projects, FISMA Compliance and Oversight, Cyber Situational Awareness, as well as Policy, Standards and Training. 

Cyber Security Program Support Services


BiC-1's featured speaker is Adapt Forward that has redefined how computer network defense and oversight is performed throughout the DoD.  By blending offensive and defensive skillsets, Adapt Forward implements and optimizes Cyber Security Program Support Services.

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NRC Cyber Team

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Red Team Whitepaper

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BiC-1 Presentation

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BiC-1 Flyer/Ad

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Labs or Ranges Whitepaper

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