Systems Integration

Critical IT and Engineering Systems Integration for Global Systems and Missions

BiC-1 provides systems integration capabilities for critical IT systems, including software development and application integration for global systems and full life-cycle hardware engineering integration for all missions.

Government and global enterprises are involved in a new wave of disruption brought about by both the digital revolution and the commoditization of hardware and platform solutions. To remain ahead of and responsive to adversary actions and competitive in this new environment requires rapid, continuous, and iterative approaches to system integration. Prior to the advent of cloud-native infrastructure, data engineering, and rapid fabrication, the scale and robustness of large, vertically integrated system integrators were valued for their ability to engineer and deliver monolithic solutions end-to-end. Preference for complex multi-year solutions has given way to disruptive solutions that leverage a robust ecosystem of open-source software, best-of-breed public cloud providers, data platforms, DevSecOps platforms, and commoditized hardware. Entire industries and nation states have been disrupted by agile, innovative approaches that out-cycle and continuously improve upon minimally violable solutions that scale to global adoption within weeks and months.

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