System Integration For The Enterprise Digital Landscape

​​BiC-1 delivers solutions to keep pace with the digital age that require deep expertise and partnering in several interconnected disciplines to deliver scalable, secure, reliable, and modular solutions. Our approach to systems integration is to deliver deep expertise in all domains, while leveraging the best platforms, vendors, and technology partners.


The foundation of the digital landscape is compute, network, and storage. As a recognized leader in public cloud computing, BiC-1 enables software-defined datacenters for the Enterprise and the Edge and provides best-of-breed managed services with the highest levels of Government-grade security and compliance. DevOps Engineering requires the development of Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) pipelines for software development. Data is the heart of any enterprise. Our data engineering solutions include the full range of transactional and analytical data platforms to support mission-critical applications as well as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Our architectures and data pipelines allow Data Scientists and Analysts to focus on decisive analytics rather than curation and conditioning.


Software development is where ideas are translated into user experiences, enhancements to operations, interfaces for Operators, and visualizations for critical mission insights. Software development by BiC-1 is enhanced by enabling the pillars and capabilities that Software Developers can leverage. Our approach is API driven into the data platforms we leverage. Our development process is iterative and truly Agile—from development through deployment—due to the DevOps platforms we enable, which are further supported by secure, reliable, and infinitely scalable cloud managed services. The richness of the application experience and outcomes are magnified by the infinite variety and scale of our data engineering and data pipelines to bring the right data for the right purpose for the capability at hand.