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The Department of Defense and other Federal government agencies are the world’s largest consumers of information technology. They face enormously complex and expensive investment decisions that have a direct impact on their ability to carry out their mission. At STAHL, we help government organizations make the right decisions in technology to control costs and further agency objectives. We apply structure to an often unstructured process of technology implementations.


We have expertise in the entire lifecycle of information systems and the technologies that support them, and we work side-by-side with Agency CIO and Mission-level decision-makers to prioritize their needs, assess their alternatives, and develop the right IT infrastructures to address their needs. We also recognize that a successful IT strategy requires that the data stored in those systems can help decision-makers solve critical business problems.


We are skilled in multiple data management and analytics approaches that help government organizations harness the power of their data by framing questions, applying appropriate computational methods, and communicating results. Our deep understanding of leading-edge technologies, data and organization-specific business processes combine for an invaluable, 360-degree perspective on applying IT to achieve mission objectives.


Cloud Services
Agile Development
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Data Services and Solutions
Systems Architecture and Design
Systems Development
Custom Software Development
Technology Transformation and Modernization
Training Services

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