Technologies / Tools

The cloud toolbox is large and steadily growing. Applying the right tool to solve your business problem takes experience and an "always learning" mindset. BiC-1 is a leader in the adoption and deployment of innovative technologies, using them to bring business value to our customers.

Microsoft® on AWS


We are Microsoft Partner, deploying Microsoft services on AWS. Organizations looking to move to cloud face a multitude of choices. Continue running Exchange or create a hybrid architecture with Office 365? Run my own SQL Server or use Amazon RDS SQL Server? How do I keep my Microsoft-on-AWS architecture up, running, reliable, and secure? BiC-1 can do it for you.



Monolithic servers with significant hardware requirements are losing ground against the new computing paradigm of microservices. Converting a legacy application or workload to a microservices architecture is complex, but the return on investment is often much higher than any other migration alternative. BiC-1 leads the way, translating expensive, inefficient grid compute and HPC solutions to distributed, atomic, cost-effective, high-performance microservices using AWS Lambda. We are an early adopter, so your organization can benefit from our experiences and innovate bigger with less risk.

Internet of Things (IoT)


Our experience with remote sensing, data acquisition, and analytics fits hand-in-glove with IoT. We can help you understand what it is, determine if it can help you, make intelligent investments early, and get real value from this exciting new technology.

Business Intelligence and Analytics


Whether it's IoT, on-premise data, or a mix, deriving actionable information from every growing repository of loosely related data requires experience. We have helped the largest organizations acquire, organize, analyze, and publish massive data sets with powerful analytics and easy-to-use interfaces. Regardless of your tool of choice or your data environment, we can help with your business intelligence and analytics goals.



The 'tied-to-the-desk' models of the 20th century are no longer working for modern organizations. End users, employees, managers, and leadership want access on their desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, watches, and next year's newest mobile devices as well. BiC-1 has mobile-enabled Government agencies, healthcare systems, and more. Our solutions free your organization from worrying about how your information technology (IT) is accessed ,so you can focus on how it adds value.