World-Class Penetration Testing And Advanced Cyber Hunting

Through our world-class penetration (pen) testing,  BiC-1 is able to identify weak spots in an organization's security posture, measure the compliance of their security policy, test the awareness of security issues, and determine whether (and how) the organization would be subject to security disasters. The reports generated by a pen test provide the feedback needed to prioritize the investments an organization plans to make in its security.

Our seasoned security professionals use a multi-tenant rapid scan capability for performing non-service impacting live system triage and compromise assessments. Our innovative detection techniques were developed based on our years of defending high-value environments from the most sophisticated threat actors. We have developed an intelligent hunting platform that applies adversary behavior, machine/code learning, and proprietary, multi-faceted security analytics for the collection and triage of systems. This enables our experienced, proven hunters to provide critical 'overwatch' support for systems that give a higher level of assurance that bad actors are not attempting to operate in your environment.

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