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BiC-1, LLC (JV) is a U.S., Winchester, VA based, Program Managed, Information Technology (IT) and Engineering Solutions provider, serving the Federal Government. We are an IT Integrator with our strength lying in our Program Management that delivers to our government customer's needs in support of their mission requirements.


BiC-1 has a diverse, Supply-Chain Management Center (SCMC) Channel of Best-in-Class, small businesses with extensive breadth and depth, specializing in all areas of Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, Systems Integration, Worldwide C5ISR and Data Analytics, and Mission-Focused Engineering.  BiC-1 responds to today's demanding and ever-changing technology and warfare landscapes by delivering innovative, secure, and agile solutions that transform and modernize government operations, improving our national security and well-being.

BiC-1 offers excellent work environments, and growth opportunities, for our employees, while expanding operations and supporting our communities. Our SCMC Channel Members have earned coveted industry quality and business certifications.  We have a strong commitment to business partnerships, ethics, compliance, and sustainability in support of a multitude of premier, contracting vehicles. We provide quality, scalable and repeatable business solutions in a flexible and agile manner that can quickly adapt to changing customer requirements.

BiC-1 LLC is partnered with STAHL Consulting to develop its maturity road-map to BiC-1's SCMC Channel and Channel Management.

Focused on delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction, BiC-1 is structured to support optimal and seamless operations across our SCMC Channel to ensure the completion of the missions of Federal Government Agencies.

STAHL Consulting is the Program Management Consultant for BiC-1, utilizing its proven, industry Standard & Methodology-Based Approach. STAHL's approach leads to highly successful outcomes by adopting best practices that promote project sustainability, repeatable processes, impressive quality, information security and a high-level of maturity.


STAHL incorporates relevant aspects of the following methodologies in the products and services that it provides:

  • ePMO: Enterprise Platform and System Design (CRM, ERP Solutions) total integration servicing the total business lifecycle

  • iPMO: CIO focused strategy, using STAHL's Proprietary Methodology Based Approach to Value-Chain Channel Management using our Market Research and Business Analysts

  • PrePMO: Program  Buyers and PMs (IPT) focused strategy using STAHL's Methodology, Processes and RACI-Design/Persona’s

  • PMO: PM focused, unique, low-risk transitions to mission delivery, using STAHL's Project Management Office “Best Practices” [Based on Project Management Institute (PMI) and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)]

  • SCMC Certifications, Audit and Management:

    • BD-CMM & CMMI Integration. Carnegie Mellon University “Best Practices” – Capability Maturity Model (BD) for Services integrated with technology

    • CMMI and CMMC Integration. (CMMI-SVC/ new-CMMC) servicing the total business lifecycle.

    • ANSI/EIA-748C. Earned Value Management

    • ISO/IEC 27001. Information Technology Security Techniques for Information Security Management Systems 

    • ISO/IEC 20000.  IT Service Management

    • DCAA/DCMA: Cost Accounting Compliant

    • Purchasing System.

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